Senin, 14 Desember 2009


Senin, 14 Desember 2009

John Waters ini memang mungkin kurang banyak dikenal karena jarang membuat film, namun di Holly sana nama yang satu ini cukup dihormati lho. Karyanya yang paling terkenal mungkin Hairspray (1988) yang di buat ulang oleh Adam Shankman. Oleh New Line Cinema, John Waters digaet untuk menulis naskah Hairspray 2 : White Lipstick yang bakal rilis tahun depan.
Gilasinema sengaja menampilkan Top 10 Movies di tahun 2009 versi John Waters karena list-nya sangat berbeda jauh dengan list Top 10 dari para kritikus film dan bisa dijadikan acuan mencari tontonan alternatif. List nya Gilasinema dapatkan dari
Dari 10 film yang terpilih, Gilasinema baru menyakikan 4 film : Antichrist, Lorna's Silence, World's Greatest Dad dan Bruno. Broken Embrace sudah punya, namun sayang terjemahannya kacau. Maklum bajakan :D

1 Import Export (Ulrich Seidl)
The most sorrowful movie of the year is also the best. The miserable lives of Ukrainian immigrants in Vienna make this agonizing but brilliantly directed opus the cinematic equivalent of slitting your wrists. A new genre? Depression porn? Hey, I got off.

2 Antichrist (Lars von Trier)
If Ingmar Bergman had committed suicide, gone to hell, and come back to earth to direct an exploitation/art film for drive-ins, this is the movie he would have made.

3 In the Loop (Armando Iannucci)
A smart, mean, foulmouthed British satire about the struggle for global power that asks the all-important question: How do you debate the invasion of Iraq if your gums start to bleed in the middle of your presentation?

4 World’s Greatest Dad (Bobcat Goldthwait)
Why, oh why, wasn’t this blackest of comedies a hit? Appallingly rude, decidedly family unfriendly, this autoerotic-suicide tale of a hateful son and his clueless father left the viewer gasping in surprise.

5 Brüno (Larry Charles)
Don’t listen to the critics—it’s better than Borat. Imagine a hetero teen couple in a mall on a first date somewhere in Middle America watching Sacha Baron Cohen pantomime every known gay male sex act, ending in a joyous “facial.” Sometimes audiences get what they deserve.

6 Lorna’s Silence (Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne)
How do these great art films get financed? European socialism, that’s how, and I’m glad the taxpayers abroad put up the dough for this Tracking Shots“R”Us masterpiece. Only the Dardenne brothers could get away with not showing the dramatic action that climaxes the whole movie. Just think if they had to test-screen this film in America!

7 Broken Embraces (Pedro Almodóvar)
There was some grumbling from Cannes that this wasn’t one of Pedro’s best, but boy were those rumors wrong. It’s a beaut! A relentlessly intelligent melodrama filled with so many dizzying plot points that you’ll experience vertigo.

8 The Baader Meinhof Complex (Uli Edel)
Now here were some kids who knew how to cause trouble! Hmmm . . . What should we do today? Stop the Olympics or blow up a commercial airplane? These radicals made the Weathermen look like pussies.

9 Whatever Works (Woody Allen)
Gerontophilia never seemed so appealing. This time, Woody goes a little gay and lives to tell about it with lovely, comic success. I am so mad I don’t have this director’s career.

10 The Headless Woman (Lucrecia Martel)
Bleached hair, hit-and-run accidents, in-laws with hepatitis? Huh? I didn’t get it, but I sure did love it!

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hakimicture mengatakan...

Filmnya Oom Waters seperti Cry Baby (kalau mau lihat film Romeo & Juliet dimix sama West Side Story ditampilkan dengan riang macam Grease tonton dah nih film) dan Pecker (banyak scene gila disini, padahal cuman film drama) termasuk film favorit saya. A Shame Thing juga keren (Apalagi liat Selma Blair yang aneh dengan dada yang gede banget!), tapi yang legenda macam Hairspray & Pink Flamingo masih belum. Oh iya, Oom John Waters juga kayaknya penggemar franchise si boneka iblis Chucky (sebenarnya saya juga, hehehe). Soalnya dia pernah muncul sebagai figuran (kalo enggak salah jadi paparazi) dan mati dengan cara disiram air keras dalam Seed of Chucky.

hakimicture mengatakan...

Eits salah, filmnya sampai A Shame Thing, yang betul A Dirty Shame ...hihihihi maklum sudah tua

gilasinema mengatakan...

Waaa..saya malah belumpernah liat sama sekali film-filmnya John Waters
Soal tua,kayaknya tuan diriku ya hehehehe....

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